Action-Packed Live Workshops to Get Certified as a Personal Trainer


Quote of the Day:
“You already have the answers. It’s about finding the structure to make the answers work.”

Today’s Training Tip:
Joints (where 2 bones meet and motion occurs) and connective tissue (fascia, tendons, ligaments, etc.) take longer to adapt to stress than muscle. No matter how strong your muscle is, it is still limited by the structural capabilities of your joint(s). To allow muscles to perform at higher levels without injury to any tissue, start every new movement by moving slowly, with low loads, for only one or two sets. Then allow 24-48 hours to ensure that you feel and move better one or two days later. Add no more than 1-10% additional time under tension, loading, or speed of movement each time you train. Recovery is where growth happens, not during activity. If muscle or connective tissue soreness or pain comes, then you will need more recovery time, and thus you are not adapting properly. You must understand joint range of motion capabilities, and have the skill to complete any movement before you add speed, loading, or more repetitions/sets. Just remember, joint health and movement skill are king. Fail to recognize this, and you will not perform for long.

Live Training for Personal Trainers (Certification or CEUs)

steppingYes, you can get certified as a personal fitness trainer in only one weekend. No, this is not the end of your education. This is only the beginning, or another step toward mastery. And oh what a beginning it will be!

Training Made Fun is a sports and fitness training company focusing on the education and professional development of personal trainers, fitness instructors, and athletic coaches. The first step is obtaining certification to work as a personal trainer. Once you get certified, we know that it isn’t how much you know, or how many degrees or certifications you have, but what you can do with what you know that matters most. Getting certified as a personal trainer gets you the minimum education requirement for working as a personal trainer. The education you receive during the process of the workshop weekend will astound you.

There can be no such thing as too much education or knowledge. And there can be no such thing as being too fit or too athletic. But knowledge without proper application is useless, and being obsessive about fitness or athleticism often results in illness, injury, or chronic overtraining. At Training Made Fun, it is our goal to help the personal training experts and the individuals our experts coach and train to see the fun in training and working out. Training and working out are only fun and enjoyable if everyone has the necessary information, knows how to use and apply the information, and modifies each individual program intelligently and consistently toward continual progress.

This process is not easy, however, it is fun.

Training Made Fun is authorized by NESTA to offer 2-day personal fitness training workshops with an option to challenge the NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Exam and become a certified personal trainer and/or to receive continuing education credits (1.6 NESTA, NASM, and/or NSCA CEU/CEC’s). You can come to the workshop with the option to challenge the NESTA PFT Certification Exam, or you can come to simply learn more about the science and application of personal training than you ever thought you could receive in a single weekend. Your possibilities are endless, but you must first show up and take in all that you can.

“Work hard. Play harder. Love it all.”

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